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Master Without a Degree

Master Without a Degree – Preparatory Course/Aptitude Test

Don't have a first College Degree?

You can also complete the part-time MBA distance learning courses without a first university degree. This is made possible by passing the aptitude test. A one-semester preparatory course prepares you optimally for this aptitude test so that you can then start studying. 
This gives you direct access to the second highest academic degree - only a doctorate is higher. It is political will that educated professionals with work experience get the chance to enter a degree program.

Entry into the MBA via the Aptitude Test

The aptitude test is an official examination of the Department of Business Administration at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and enables entry into the part-time MBA distance learning programs offered here. The aptitude test is intended to determine the equivalence of the professional qualification with that of a completed undergraduate degree. 

University Entrance Qualification without a Higher School Certificate?

In Rhineland-Palatinate, you can also take up university studies without a Higher School Certificate under certain conditions. "Studying without Abi" - You can obtain the required university entrance qualification via your professional qualification [for example, master craftsman, technician, specialist,...].

Take Advantage of the Preparation Course Offered Here!

In order to meet the requirements of the aptitude test and the subsequent studies, the ed-media institute offers a one-semester in-service preparatory course. The course consists of self-study with study materials (access via a digital platform), 6 (online) classroom sessions (Fridays and Saturdays) and statistics tutorials. The instructors are professors and lecturers at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. 

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Entry into the MBA distance learning program without detours
  • Preparatory course participants have a high success rate in the aptitude test
  • The aptitude test opens a variety of new doors in professional life for professionally qualified students who have proven their competence in the working world over many years.

Course Content

The aptitude test of the Department of Business Administration at the Zweibrücken Campus of the HS Kaiserslautern includes a part of quantitative methods (especially mathematics and statistics) and a part of business administration.

Syllabus Preparatory course for the qualifying examination:

Subject: Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

  • Basics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Functions
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integration
Teaching Materials/Presence
  • 5 Study Letters (self-study)
  • 16 Attendance Hours
  • Written Exam (max. 20 points)

Subject: Quantitative Methods (Statistics)

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Correlation and Regression Analysis
  • Closing Statistics
Teaching Materials/Presence
  • Textbook (self-study)
  • 18 Attendance Hours
  • Written Exam (max. 20 points)

Subject: Scientific Work in Business Administration

  • General Key Facts for the Preparation of Scientific Papers
  • Procedure, Content Related and Logical Structure and Argumentation
  • Case Studies
Teaching Materials/Presence
  • 16 Attendance Hours
  • Scientific Admission Thesis (max. 20 points)

Presentation Scientific Admission Thesis

  • Subject of the Work
  • Solution of a Technical Problem
  • Social Skills
Teaching Materials/Presence
  • Duration 15-20 Minutes (max. 20 points)

Aptitude Interview

  • Capability Assessment
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge Relevant to the Course of Study
  • Motivation and Ability to Learn
Teaching Materials/Presence
  • Duration 30-40 minutes (max. 20 points)

Total Score

Maximum Total Score Achievable:
  • 100 Points
Aptitude Test Passed With:
  • 50 Points


Adner, Grit, OStR

  • Senior lecturer with facultas in mathematics and metal technology at the Berufliches Gymnasium Zweibrücken.

Jovic, Olivera, M.A.

  • Head of unit for course guidance and tutorials.

Piazolo, Marc, Prof. Dr.

  • Professor at the University of Kaiserslautern, site Zweibrücken at the Department of Business Administration for Economics, Money, Credit and Foreign Trade.

Ruda, Walter, Prof. Dr.

  • Professor at the University of Kaiserslautern, campus Zweibrücken for business administration, especially finance & controlling and middle class economics. Scientific Director of the Center for Small and Medium-Sized Economy (ZMG). Lecturer in Master's programs at universities in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe and in the ICSB Academy, Washington, D.C. Former longtime supervisory board chairman of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern.


The Examination Committee may admit persons without a first university degree to the part-time MBA distance learning programs if the following requirements are met:

  1. They must have a university entrance qualification (or a technical college entrance qualification).
  2. You must have or have had a professional activity that is sufficiently related to the chosen course of study, and in particular has provided knowledge and skills that are relevant to the course of study.
  3. They should have exercised this activity for at least three years.
  4. They must have successfully passed an aptitude test to be conducted by the Department of Business Administration. The aptitude test is intended to establish the equivalence of the professional qualification with that of a completed undergraduate degree.

The following documents are required:

  • Curriculum vitae with photograph
  • Certified copy of the certificate of university entrance qualification
  • Proof of at least three years of professional activity (certified copy of a final or interim certificate, direct certificate from the employer, or similar)
  • Short letter of motivation explaining your motivation to pursue the chosen course of study (2-3 sentences); with signature
  • Declaration that you have not yet taken an aptitude test (as the aptitude test can only be repeated once if you fail it); with signature

For preliminary review, you are welcome to send us scans of your documents by e-mail. The final submission must be made in the above form!

Costs and Registration

Registration for the preliminary course for the summer semester can be made until January 15th of the year, registration for the winter semester until July 31st of the year.

The costs for the preliminary course is 1.600,00 €.

Preliminary Course Testimonials

Herr Tim Puschkeit

Mr. Tim Puschkeit, MBA Motorsport Management graduate:

"I can only recommend the preliminary course, especially because it first of all introduced me to the subject of "study" and prepared me for the MBA program..."

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Frau Lisa Obermeier Thumbnail

Frau Lisa Obermeier, Absolventin des MBA Marketing-Management:

„Der Vorkurs war dafür sehr wichtig, da einem hier die Inhalte zielgerichtet vermittelt werden und auch Schwerpunkte gesetzt werden...."

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