MBA Distance Learning


What is the Academic Degree MBA (Master of Business Administration)?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be obtained through postgraduate management studies. The aim is not only to teach all the essential management functions, but also to provide competencies in the chosen specialization. Originally from the USA, the MBA is now also a respected degree in German and European companies.

All degree programmes have been accredited by AQAS e.V. and are regularly re-accredited.

What are the Admission Requirements for the MBA Programme?

Admission requirements for persons with a first university degree:

The MBA distance learning programs require a first professional university degree in a program of 210 ECTS with a grade of at least 2.5 or a relative grade of at least C*; a maximum of 30 ECTS of the required 210 credit points may have been earned from practical work.

Applicants who have less than 210 but at least 180 ECTS may be admitted subject to conditions. These conditions can be fulfilled, for example, by the recognition of additional Bachelor modules, by relevant extracurricular studies abroad or by relevant professional experience. The conditions must be fulfilled by the time of registration for the master's thesis.

For admission to the MBA Sales Engineer program, proof of a degree in engineering or natural sciences is required. The board of examiners may admit graduates of other degree programs who can provide evidence of at least four years of professional activity comparable to an engineering job to this distance learning program.

In addition, proof of at least one year of qualified professional practice after graduation must be provided.

Applicants whose native language is not German require German language skills of at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in order to participate in the German language teaching and examination program.

Applicants whose native language is not English require English language proficiency of at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to participate in an existing English-language teaching and assessment program.

*If the final grade is worse than 2.5 or Grade C, the aptitude for the master's programs must be examined. The examination is based on an aptitude interview with the program director.

Admission requirements for persons without a first university degree

Applicants must have a university entrance qualification according to state law (university entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification, professional qualification with two years of professional experience, master craftsman qualification or equivalent qualification).

You must be working or have worked in a job that has a sufficient connection to the chosen course of study, and in particular has provided knowledge and skills that are relevant to the course of study.

They must have exercised this activity for at least three years.

They must have successfully passed an aptitude test.

The aptitude test is intended to determine the equivalence of the professional qualification and a completed undergraduate degree. You can find more information about the aptitude test here.

The program can also be taken as a certificate program or modular.

How can the MBA Program be Completed without a First University Degree?

Admission can be granted under certain formal conditions and after passing an aptitude test of the Department of Business Administration at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.

The ed-media e.V. institute offers a preparatory course for the aptitude test. You can find further information here.

What are the Study Locations (Attendance Locations)?

The teaching and examination courses of the basic studies (semesters 1 and 2, modules 1-6) can be attended at the following study locations:

University Campus, Amerikastr. 1, 66482 Zweibrücken, Germany

Conference Hotel Haus St. Ulrich, Kappelberg 1, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

Lotto Rhineland-Palatinate, Ringboulevard, Nürburgring

The 3rd semester of the MBA Sales Engineer and MBA Marketing Management programs can be taken at the Zweibrücken and Augsburg locations. The remaining majors are completed at the Nürburgring.

How Much Does the MBA Study Cost?

Tuition fees for the 1st to 4th semester of € 2,100 each

Student fee of the university (per semester)

Expenses for repeat performances 50 €

Expenses for the master thesis seminar

If the standard period of study is exceeded, from the 6th semester onwards a contribution of 800 € per semester

What is the International Master's Thesis Seminar?

The international Master's thesis seminar (out-of-campus event) is a mandatory course of study in which students, together with one or more supervising professors, visit various (depending on the chosen course of study) international conferences and in some cases actively participate (e.g. ICSB Conference and ICSB Academy, the ISPIM Innovation Conference, the FIA Sport Conference or the EASM Sport Conference).

Participation is usually associated with a four- to five-day stay. In addition to the conference content, great emphasis is also placed on cultural aspects and networking.

I have a 180 ECTS Bachelor's Degree. How can I Obtain the Additional 30 ECTS Required for the Master?

Persons with a Bachelor's degree with 180 ECTS can acquire 30 ECTS either through the recognition of qualified, professional practice (at least 2.5 years), through the proof of further ECTS from other courses of study or non-university events, the preparation of a scientific project report, in connection with a further year of professional experience, or by taking selected modules in another distance learning course at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.

How Large is the Time Commitment (Workload) for the MBA Program?

The key figure for the student workload is the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Per credit, a workload of 25 hours is estimated. Converted, this is approx. 15-20 hours per week, which are required to take the regular examinations of a semester.

How Exactly is the Study Program Structured?

The MBA distance learning programs at Kaiserslautern University are part-time programs.

In order to ensure a compatibility of studies, career and family, a mix of different teaching and learning forms is used. The largest part of the studies is completed in self-study. Self-study learning is supported on the one hand by teaching materials in a wide variety of formats. In addition to digital content, such as texts, textbooks in electronic format, videos, quizzes, web-based training, online courses, there are study letters in printed form. All content is delivered via a learning management system with communication tools.

On the other hand, three attendance phases per semester (Fridays and Saturdays), which take place in a mix of online and on-site lectures and guest lectures, complement the self-study as a valuable building block with regard to the relation to practice and application of the acquired knowledge as well as networking and, last but not least, exam preparation. 

Written examinations (written tests) take place either online or on-site at the Zweibrücken campus. There is no compulsory attendance, except for exams.

How can I Sign Up?

The registration procedure runs through the zfh (Center for Distance Learning in the University Network). To get to the registration please click here.

What are the Options for Funding a Degree Program?

The zfh offers a good overview of a student's options for receiving funding. Under the following link you will find an overview.