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MBA Motorsport-Management

MBA Motorsport-Management

The programme consists of a four term business management postgraduate course.

The contents of terms one and two are identical to the contents of the two programmes - MBA in Technical Sales and the MBA in Marketing Management at the University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern; these first two terms focus on developing a solid foundation of practical, highly relevant management and business skills upon which the additional skills in the specific specialist area of Motorsport Management are developed during the remainder of the programme. From the third term, groups are divided into the chosen specialist areas of study and graduate with a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA).

The programme is both theory and practice-based, providing the critical skills and knowledge required. This program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in the different roles of Motorsport Management. The programme also includes developing key business and management skills such as creative problem solving and analytical thinking.

The objectives of the MBA Motorsport Management programme can be described as follows:

To successfully take on a management role in Motorsport involves having a fundamental understanding of how this unique sector works. Understanding the different roles of the teams, manufacturers and the drivers, the event and series promoters, and the national and international associations and how they all interact are key components of this sector and as such, form an important part of the programme.

The MBA Motorsport Management programme focuses on the motorsport sector and includes aspects such as Motorsport Management marketing, sponsorship and brand mangement, as well as learning about the processes and regulations unique to the motorsport sector.

Additional topics include: Marketing, Finance, sponsorship, HR, and team leadership in motorsport. Management agencies and legal applications are also part of this programme.

The MBA Motorsport Management programme is specifically designed to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in a wide range of motorsport industry opportunities. For example, students who see themselves with a future career in motorsport, either with a team, in the events management area, the automobile industry and suppliers thereof - particularly in the closely related sector of performance cars.



Anna Lenzi (Bild: © Regis Lefebure)

Anna Lenzi MBA- Motorsport student :

"I only had 3 classes so far and all 3 were very engaging in different ways. The professors all had different styles and the subjects were very different. The one I remember the most is the one with Prof. Fabian Berger, I think his “military” style was very different and easy to remember...."

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Course contents

1. Term: Basic Studies

Modul 1: Management Framework
  • Holistic Management
  • Business Basics I
  • Business Basics II
  • Internal Logistics
  • New Concepts
  • Supply Chain Management
Modul 2: Communication & Soft Skills for Executives
  • Rhetoric for customer contact
  • Negotiation and Objection Handling
  • Intercultural Management
  • Methodological Skills
Modul 3: Marketing Strategies and Policies
  • Basics and Strategies I: Market -oriented Management of Marketing and Sales
  • Basics and Strategies II: Strategic Analysis and Strategy Development

2. Term: Basic Studies

Modul 4: Success and Financially Oriented Corporate Management
  • Management Accounting: Cost and Profit Management
  • Cost & Activity Accounting I
  • Cost & Activity Accounting II
  • Finance & Controlling (incl. Marketingcontrolling, Scorecard)
  • Financial and Investment Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Financial Reporting
  • Annual Financial Statements
Modul 5: Marketing: Market Research and Customer Management
  • Information Management for Marketing
  • Market Psychology
  • Topic of the Year
  • Case Study Seminar for Marketing
Modul 6: Management: Economics & Quantitative Analyses
  • Economics: Macroeconomics
  • Data analysis: Statistics

3. Term: In-depth Specialization Motorsport-Management

Modul 15: Organisation in Motorsport
  • Motorsport-Management Basics
  • Processes, Procedures and Regulations in Motorsport Series
Modul 16: Human Resources, Project and Management Techniques in Motorsport
  • Human Resources and Team Management in Motorsport
  • Project Management and Motorsport Logistics
  • Event and Track Management of Motorsport Events
Modul 17: Marketing in Motorsport
  • Market Research and Social Media in Motorsport
  • Project seminar: Market Research and Marketing Rights
  • Sponsorship and Funding in Motorsport
  • Innovation and Brand Management
  • Driver marketing and Contract Law

4. Term: Graduation

Modul 13: International Master's Thesis Seminar
  • Out-of-Campus-Event
Modul 14: Master's Thesis incl. Colloquium