MBA Distance Learning

Testimonial Herr Lukas Schmidt (EN)

Mr. Lukas Schmidt, graduate of the Innovation Management program.

  1. What is your career background? Could you tell us something about your career or professional background? What are you currently doing professionally? What does your daily work look like?

    After completing my general qualification for university entrance (Abitur), I pursued a dual study program in the field of engineering. Towards the end of my studies, I quickly decided that I wanted to make an impact within a company with my degree before pursuing further academic career paths. After taking a position as a development engineer at my dual education company, I soon took on project management roles and other challenges that required management and leadership skills that the engineering program had only partially prepared me for. Since I had already made plans to pursue a part-time master's degree, I chose to work on an MBA to develop the skills I was lacking. I chose the Innovation Management program because it combines the advantages of an MBA degree and the associated management education with innovation management. This not only immediately improved the methodological work in our R&D department but also provided an excellent foundation for forward-looking specialists in many other relevant future topics such as digitalization processes, business models, and strategic planning.
  2. Why did you choose to study Innovation Management at Hochschule Kaiserslautern? How did you become aware of the program?

    The organizational format and study workload that were compatible with a full-time job, as well as the option to specialize in Innovation Management leading to an MBA degree, are unique in the Greater Region. That made the choice clear.
  3. How did the distance learning program work in terms of timing and organization for you?

    Each semester, three modules were offered, primarily studied through self-study with well-prepared materials, and then deepened during three in-person blocks of two days (Fri./Sat.) with the instructors. The examinations either took place as part of exams during the in-person sessions or were submitted in the form of a written assignment.
  4. Is there a lecture or seminar that you particularly remember and why? Which instructors left a positive impression on you and why?

    An exceptional highlight was undoubtedly the Out-of-Campus Event at the ISPIM Conference in Florence in 2019. The program for attending the conference was excellently planned, and the conference itself was highly interesting. The keynote lecture by Alexander Osterwalder ultimately influenced my choice of specialization for my master's thesis.