MBA Distance Learning

Testimonial Carina Maurer (EN)

Mrs. Carina Maurer, a graduate of the MBA program in Innovation Management


  1. What is your career background/What are you currently doing professionally?

    Throughout my professional life, I repeatedly reached the point where I wished for "more" - more foresight beyond the immediate scope, more methodical know-how, and more freedom to further develop my competencies and use them effectively.

    I am currently working as a Scrum Master in an insurance industry corporation, guiding the company through an agile transformation. In this role, I require both methodical and subject-specific knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and techniques to further develop my environment in a goal-oriented manner. Since the human component is essential to me, I was delighted that the Innovation Management program also addresses soft skills and corporate culture aspects. This allowed me to seamlessly integrate the theoretical content into my daily work and immediately apply what I learned with my team.
  2. Why did you choose to pursue an MBA in Innovation Management at HS Kaiserslautern?

    I consciously made the decision to study at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. I had already successfully completed my bachelor's degree here, and I was convinced by both the content structure of the program and the small group format. Since I pursued the degree alongside my full-time job, the program's timing and organization, with its condensed on-site phases, were ideal for me. The on-site phases provided me with the opportunity to expand my personal network significantly.
  3. Is there a lecture or seminar that you particularly remember and why?

    Also worth noting is the excellent expertise of the instructors - in addition to outstanding support, I was able to take valuable insights for my further professional development from every conversation. The support during the semester as well as for the Master's thesis was always constructive and comprehensive.
  4. What are your future career plans with a successful MBA degree? What professional changes are on the horizon for you?

    With the successful completion of the Master of Business Administration in Innovation Management, new opportunities are opening up for me in many ways. Therefore, I am happy to recommend this program to anyone who wants to create a wide range of opportunities for their future development.