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The compulsory lectures of the part time MBA distant learning courses MBA Motorsport-Management and MBA Innovations-Management will be held in the rooms of our partners at the Nürburgring.

Part-time to your MBA

Further qualification to the internationally recognized Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a promising option for working professionals who want to pursue a career in management. The part-time option in particular is becoming increasingly popular, as participants can continue to stay in their jobs, earn money and acquire valuable new knowledge at the same time - without risking a career setback.

A part-time MBA qualification also offers employers advantages. They don't have to miss out on their employees who plan to be away for an extended period of time due to continuing education. Instead, they can apply the new knowledge directly to the business and contribute to the company's success. In this way, employers can ensure that their staff remain up to date and able to meet the challenges of competition.

Master without a Bachelor

All our courses are not only aimed at individuals with a academic degree and work experience but also at persons that don't have a academic degree yet. These people can either complete a certificate studies program or, under certain conditions, after successfully taking a aptitude test be admitted to the master's program.

The aptitude test is organized by ed-media and can be taken at the University Kaiserslautern, Zeibrücken. To assure a university level, ed-media provides a preparation term. The content of the preparation term is lectured by professors that will also lecture in the actual master's program.

Information about the preparation course and the aptitude test can be found here (coming soon).


ISPIM 2023

Innovationsmanagement für eine nachhaltigere, digitalere Welt

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian M. Thurnes, HS Kaiserslautern – Kompetenzzentrum OPINNOMETH

Vom 4. bis 7. Juni fand in Ljubljana die diesjährige Innovation-Conference der ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) statt. Mehr als 500 Innovationsmanagement-Profis aus Forschung, Industrie und Lehre tauschten sich in einem sehr straffen Programm in vielen Vorträgen, Workshops und Diskussionsrunden aus. Professor Thurnes vom Kompetenzzentrum OPINNOMETH der Hochschule Kaiserslautern stellte in diesem Kontext sein innovatives Lehrkonzept „studyinnovationchallenge“ vor, in dessen Rahmen Studierende im Bachelorstudiengang „Wirtschaft und Recht“ mittels Social-Media-Plattformen wie Instagram und Tiktok ihre Innovationsmanagementkompetenzen vertiefen....

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Bild zu den Interviews MBA-IE 2023

MBA Intelligent Enterprise Management Interview 2023

In einem faszinierenden Interview mit der Studiengangsleiterin, Prof. Dr. Arend-Fuchs, wurden sowohl Dozenten als auch Studierende des innovativen Studiengangs MBA Intelligent Enterprise Management befragt. Die Diskussion konzentrierte sich auf die einzigartigen Merkmale des Studiengangs und die Vorteile, die er den Teilnehmern bietet.

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Prof. Dr. Bettina Reuter
Program Director:

  • MBA Vertriebsingenieur/in
  • MBA Marketing-Management
  • MBA Motorsport-Management
  • MBA Sport-Management


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian M. Thurnes
Program Director:

  • MBA Innovations-Management


Prof. Dr. Christine Arend Fuchs
Program Director:

  • MBA Intelligent Enterprise Management


Dipl. Betriebsw. (FH) Martina Fremgen
Course Coordinator
0631 3724 5509


Dennis Sprau
0631 3724 5504